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Getting Started using Promethean 

Guide to Downloading ActivInspire  

Calibrating Your Board 

Promethean Boards Help  

ACTIVInspire - Intro to the Board   

Importing Resource Packs

Inserting Pages  

20 Easy Steps for Using ActivInspire   

ActivInspire Manual 2009    

Promethean Teacher Handout    

Activ Classroom Orientation Manual

Activ Inspire Top Tips  

ActivInspire Training Manual  

Introducing Interactive Whiteboards and ActivInspire   

ActivInspire Quick Reference Guide  

Activate All Learners   

ActivInspire in the Interactive Classroom    

ActivInspire Basic Tutorial 

ActivInspire 101 Tutorial

ActivInspire 101  

ActivInspire Layout and Tools Orientation

Interactive WhiteBoard Introductory Training Manual  

ActivInspire Handbook Updated 

ActivInspire Tutorial   

Promethean Interactive User Guide    

ActivInspire Teaching Tips   

ActivInspire Cheat Sheet  

ActivStudio Professional Edition US 

Browsers, Text, Objects, Magic Ink   

Adding Pages to Resource Library 

Saving a Page to the Resource Library

Adding Resources to Tool Strip 

Borrowing Pages from Other Flip Charts 

Creating Folders in the Resource Browser  

Inspire Property Browser  

ActivInspire Layout and Tools Orientation  

Beyond Essentials Manual  

Promethean Board  

Background Design  

Promethean Activ Classroom  

Top Ten Tips to Create Flip Charts 

Adding Pages to Our Flip Chart 

Page Turn Effects 

Deleting Pages 

Pull Tab 

Flip Chart Basics   

Rearranging Slides in Your Flipchart 

Customizing Flip Charts 

Duplicating Flip Chart Page  
ActivInspire Training Handout  
Basic Classroom Tools   (Pens, calibrating, tools)    

ActivInspire Link to Another Page 

Promethean Board and ActivInspire   

Promethean Board Overview   

Basic Training Handout  
Teaching with the Promethean Board    

Promethean ActivInspire: Containers    

ActivInspire Containers

Containers Example  

Advanced with Containers 

How to Create Containers for Keywords in ActivInspire  

Using Containers with ActiveInspire   

Anything Containers 

Keyword Containers  

Promethean Board Containers 

Specific Object Containers   


Diapers, Dollars, and Diplomas  

Creating Interactive Containers with ActivInspire   

Making Containers in ActivInspire   

Promethean ActivInspire 301 Tutorial     

Inspire Containers    

Desktop Annotate 

Annotating on Top of your Desktop        

Annotating the Desktop in Promethean  

Annotate and Desktop Tools    

Using the Desktop Overlay  

Promethean Board Guidelines and Helpful Hints  

How to Annotate over a PowerPoint Presentation  

Handwriting Recognition

Text Tool 

Drag A Copy  

Drag and Drop Actions 

Converting Lessons into Interactive Lessons   

Toolboxes and Toolbars   

Embed Tool

Extract Text  

Extract Text from an Outside Source 

Grouping Objects  

Handout Inspire Mod 1 

Help Desk Activ Classroom Manual  

Importing PowerPoint